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P.F.S : Update#1

Hey guys.

Okay, so.. I’ve pretty much given in to all of my guilty pleasures.

Bands like, Millionaires, BrokeNCYDE, Jeffree Star and Blood on the Dancefloor is pretty much all I’ve listened to for weeks now.

I know, I’m a horrible.. horrible person.

anyways! right now I’m working on a “Melissa Marie” sim. I may do the rest of the Millionaires at a later date, but Melissa is my personal favorite, ‘tis why I’m making her sim first. <3

if anyone is interested, I’ll upload her to mod the sims or something.

So yeah.

If making sims work out for me, I may start doing requests and such. :]

Pretty Faced Sims : Intro

Hi. So basically, Pretty Faced Sims is the side-project of Danger Dolls.

Danger Dolls was my modeling / photography sim blog. Because of lack of interest and creativity, it is currently on Hiatus. P.F.S is mainly photography of my Sims everyday lifes + random, unrelated thoughts that are currently on my mind. I will also put sims up for download, if I ever get to it.

So yeah, I hope you’ll like my blog. There’s honestly not going to be much to it, but I hope it’ll be somewhat entertaining anyhow.